Welcome to Visual Solutions Ltd.

Our company develops and produces various displays utilizing LED technology. We provide our customers with wide range of displays from simple ones which can shows some numerical or alphabetical characters through different kind of clocks (including GPS controlled ones), moving message signs, score boards and industrial displays to the large area color video displays. In order to be able to fulfill almost all needs, we can ship our displays with a software written or modified according to our customer's demand. Our displays can be equipped with different data in- and outputs (e.g.: RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, wired or wireless Ethernet (WiFi), radio, Bluetooth...) and can offer different kind of user interfaces (e.g.: wired or wireless keypad, keyboard, light barriers). Please visit our picture gallery where you can find examples for many different applications.
If you need a display for a single event only, for selected displays, there is a possibility to hire it. This could be a good opportunity to convince yourself that our display fully fits for your needs before you buy. For sport events we highly offer you our Multimobile mobile scoreboard for this reason.